The Blessing of Parenthood

Being a parent is certainly not easy. And being a GOOD parent is that much harder. Thankfully, I have an awesome and very capable wife who takes very good care of her “4” kids. I think I’m pretty good too, though I certainly can do better in many, many areas.

Amidst the craziness and busy-ness of the Christmas season, I found this gem in my email box earlier today. It was from Sean; apparently he had taken the time to write me from my website, using the “Contact Me” feature:

“Thank you for taking me to the hockey game. I also want to thank you because you are always being there for me. Thank you for everything you do in my life.”

Forget the material things, even the not-so-material things. In this note, Sean gave me the only thing I should truly desire to receive at Christmas:

The gift of love.


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