How Old is This Kid Again?

On my nightly call home from Montreal earlier this evening, Gail mentioned that Sean was chatting with Bev, the PREP Coordinator at St. Paul’s. Bev is working with Gail (and others) to prepare the grade 2 students of St. Paul School and St. Paul PREP for First Communion in May.

Bev was speaking with Sean at school today about the Sacrament. For some reason, Sean took it upon himself to get Bev’s credentials. After a bit of small talk, Sean asked Bev:

“How long have you been doing this job?”

“For 30 years” Bev answered.

“Do you find it fulfilling?” Sean continued.

“Uh, very much so.” Bev replied.

Apparently, Sean asked a third question that neither he nor Gail could recall. I’m guessing it was a probing one, as Bev later told Gail that she felt like she was being interrogated. Kinda like how Carolyn felt when I first met her (I recall sequestering her in the kitchen and peppering her with questions for about 10 minutes). I was just looking out for my buddy…she passed! :p


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