Describing our Kids: Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

During one of our treks out earlier today, my lovely wife Gail and I were discussing our 3 wonderful children. Like always when we’re in our van, Sean and Jake were in the back row watching their movie and playing their Nintendo DSs while Kayla was alone in the middle row babbling, laughing, and pulling her shoes and socks off. Needless to say, there was enough going on whereas the 3 of them couldn’t hear (at least we hope not…haha) what we were saying.

So today I came up with yet another “useless and dorky but kinda funny” Clay-games for us to play.

“How would you describe each of our kids in 1 or 2 words?” I asked her. It goes without saying that we adore our children and are very blessed by them. But that shouldn’t stop us from having a little fun as well!

Gail and I interchanged responses, and it was pretty hilarious. One of us went with the optimistic, half-glass full mentality while the other chose the more challenging half-glass empty approach.

Here were our collective responses:

-Sean: smart and sensitive, know-it-all

-Jacob: handsome ladies-man, hard to handle and a clown

-Kayla: beautiful, drama-queen

As per usual with these types of things, there is likely a bit of truth in all of the responses, hopefully more to be found in the “glass half-full” replies. I won’t say which one of us gave which responses, as I don’t want to incriminate anyone…haha. Regardless, we enjoyed a good chuckle at their (or is it ours?) expense.

Now…what would happen if we asked our kids to describe us?

Maybe I don’t want to know!


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