Did You Know That…(Crica 2000)

Here’s my version of those “25 facts about me” posts but with a twist: this is the actual list of facts that Gail and I prepared 9 years ago for our wedding reception on July 8, 2000.

Each fact corresponded to a table number…and once Gary or Dave (our awesome emcees) read “your” table fact, it was your turn to eat!

Hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane…some of it’s quite amusing even now.

Did you know that:

1. Gail does not know how to ride a bike
2. Gail has never had a nose bleed
3. Gail is blind without corrective lenses
4. Gail failed her driver’s test twice before finally passing
5. Gail first studied to become a dentist
6. Gail will teach grade 2 at St. Paul’s in September
7. Gail was born in Cebu, Philippines
8. Gail thought pug dogs were ugly before Clay gave her Shaila
9. Gail is the Godmother to 3 kids (Daniel, Antonio, and Emily)
10. Gail owns over 60 pairs of shoes (in comparison, Clay has 4 only 4 pairs)
11. Clay got one hour of sleep last night
12. Clay gets his hair cut every 2 and a half weeks
13. Clay is terrified of spiders and gets Gail to kill them for him
14. Clay has appeared on Much Music
15. Clay is a Youth Minister working with the LIFE TEEN program at St. Paul’s
16. Clay learned how to play the drums on his own 3 years ago
17. Clay used to shave words into the back of his head
18. Clay can’t blow bubbles in bubblegum or whistle
19. Clay wore diapers to Kindergarten
20. Clay suffered a compressed back and sprained foot in the last 3 weeks before the wedding
21. Clay and Gail have been seeing each other since December 14, 1989 (over 10 years)
22. Clay and Gail kept a daily dairy together for their first 7 years together
23. Clay and Gail met through a school musical, “Lumberjacks and Weddingbelles” where they were paired as husband and wife
24. Clay and Gail have gone to 3 of the same schools: Burnett, Richmond High, and UBC
25. Clay and Gail got engaged at LIFE TEEN on February 28, 1999
26. The first time Gail was over at Clay’s she got in trouble for staying too late and was not allowed to go over for a year
27. Clay gave Gail chocolates for their one month anniversary, not knowing Gail doesn’t eat them
28. Gail and her family introduced Clay to the Catholic Church in 1992
29. Clay and Gail’s favourite hobby is falling asleep with Shaila in front of the TV


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