Take ctrl

Lord, give me humility so I may not judge my worth by the number of friends I have on Facebook, or the number of times people comment on my blogs, photos, and videos. Stop me from replying to each comment individually just so I artificially boost the number of comments.

Help me see that it doesn’t matter how many followers I have on Twitter, and that it’s truly ok if the number of people I am following is greater than the number of people following me. Give me creativity so my tweets are actually interesting to read, and not just what I’m going to eat for lunch.

Grant me wisdom so that I won’t correlate my self-esteem to the number of views my videos have on Youtube. Help me realize that it’s ok to make a video that gets an average of 4 stars instead of 5. And help me differentiate the constructive comments from the destructive ones.

And lastly, whatever You do, please stop me if I ever decide to make my own website. I mean…come on…who has their own personal website?

Whoops…too late.



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