Top 10 Rejected Names for FREEDOM

One of the highlights of last night’s FREEDOM 10th Anniversary Event was when Father Mark and I presented the “Top 10 Rejected Names” for the event. All of the items were met wth laughter, cheers, jeers, groans, applause, or sometimes a combo of all 5!

Here is the Top 10 as presented at FREEDOM (big thanks to Mike for many of the ideas, Krissy for helping me order them, and Mark for providing the sweet drum roll and rim shots):

10. Somebody gonna get hurt a-real bad
9. March Badness
8. High School Confessional
7. Sin There, Done That
6. “Oh No,you dinnnnnnnt!”
5. So You Think You Can Sin?
4. The Biggest Loser
3. Come and Tell or Go to Hell
2. Amazing Disgrace
1. Go Ahead, Make My Day (said by Father Mark)

Honourable mentions include: Hell’s Kitchen, Can You Top This?, Learn Not to Burn, “You Did WHATTTTT?”, Confess your Mess and Shock the Priest


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