Canucks vs. Blues: Youth Ministry Style!

Meet Orin and Shannon. Together, they form Oddwalk Ministries and they provide keynotes, concerts, workshops and retreats for youth ministries across the United States. I’ve seen them do their thing a few times in the States and they are very good. And they are from in and around St. Louis.

Meet Clay. Husband, Father, Friend, Youth Minister, and Speaker (at least that’s what his website says). Ultimate Canuck Fan and overall good guy. Not to mention exceedingly handsome.

This past Wednesday, I got a tweet from Orin to the effect of: “Care to place a friendly (or not so) wager on the Blues-Canucks series? Holla.”

I couldn’t believe my good fortune: someone was actually asking me if I was willing to pick my beloved Canucks to win in the first round of the NHL playoffs. After some careful negotiating, we came up with terms:

If St. Louis wins:
-Clay will post a video on his website singing a blues song about the St. Louis Blues and how great they are and how they will win the Cup.

If Vancouver wins:
-Oddwalk will post a video on their website singing “O Canada” followed by a brief commentary on how the Canucks will win the cup, all while saying “eh” in every sentence.

As I write this, game 2 has ended and the Canucks have a quick two games to none lead in the series.

(I meant to write this blog last night but I was busy getting a piece of steak dislodged from my esophagus…more on that tomorrow).

So, my dear friends Orin and Shannon, start learning this country’s beautiful national anthem.

I just hope that you stay true to the song, and that your rendition doesn’t turn out…well…odd.

To view Oddwalk Ministries’ version of our friendly wager, view their blog here.


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