Raising the Stakes: Canucks vs. Blackhawks

As I (and many others) eagerly awaited Oddwalk’s much-anticipated video rendition of O Canada after the Canucks trounced the Blues, I received this “tweet” from them on Wednesday morning: “double or nothing, Canucks-hawks?”

(As an aside, I almost named this blog “Raising the Steaks”, as in raise it out of my throat…but I guess I should stop living in the past, huh?)

Back to the present. I deliberated Oddwalk’s offer for a bit before deciding to grant them their wish in the spirit of good Christian brotherhood. After some quick negotiations, we decided to raise the stakes:

If Vancouver wins, Orin and Shannon will have to:
-sing O Canada (as per the terms of our original wager)
-perform a rap about the greatness of the Canucks (originally it was just to talk about the greatness of the Canucks)
-all while dressed like a woman (brand new stipulation…but only one of them has to do it)

If Chicago wins, Oddwalk nor I have to do anything.

After sharing this new agreement with a couple of my friends, the general sentiment was that I shouldn’t have accepted the double or nothing proposal.

I countered that I probably would have rejected the offer had the wager been for money (working in youth ministry, I’ll take any extra income I can get…haha). More importantly, Orin and Shannon are nice guys, and I’m all about giving second-chances to nice people. Especially is said nice people are youth ministers.

But the real reason I accepted the deal: I can’t wait to see these 2 Caucasian guys rap and break it down youth ministry-style! It could be the hottest thing since Vanilla Ice and Eminem!

Go Canucks Go!

PS: You can view Oddwalk’s blog about the new wager here.


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