All for Nothing

After a tumultuous season in which we saw an unbelievable finish to the regular season, a record-breaking losing streak, the biggest free agent signing in our team’s history, an injury to our all-star goalie, and tragic deaths, the Canucks are out of the NHL playoffs. Depending on your expectations, you could consider this season a mild success or a massive disappointment.

The same can be said about my friendly wager with Orin and Shannon of Oddwalk Ministries. After winning the original wager, I accepted their proposal to go double or nothing. When the Blackhawks eliminated the Canucks in 6 games, it left an empty feeling in my stomach and a bitter taste in mouth.

Why did I accept their double or nothing proposal? Was it greed? Foolishness? Or, as I originally stated, was it in the spirit of Christian brotherhood?

Regardless, our wager made from some lively interaction, creative videos, playful and veiled (and not-so-veiled) shots at each other, and a few extra hits on our respective websites. Some of my friends even left intimidating messages on Oddwalk’s website (thanks Dave, Faye, and Krissy for the support…haha). And I think we almost got Anne Marie and Ben hooked on hockey when they were here for Youth Day!

And as I promised to Oddwalk, I will remain gracious in defeat as I would have been in victory. Even if I still can’t figure out their connection to Chicago (haha). Imagine if the Canucks had won…it might have gone triple or nothing with Orin and Shannon suddenly claiming they had family in Detroit or Anaheim.

Just kiddin boys…it was a lot of fun. And to remind everyone just how much fun it was, take a walk down memory lane with these links:

-Oddwalk’s opening salvo (April 16):

-Clay’s opening shot (April 17):

-Oddwalk after Game 2 of the first round (April 18):

-Clay offering O Canada suggestions after the Canucks had swept the Blues (April 22):

-Oddwalk conceding defeat (April 22):

-Oddwalk’s proposal to go double or nothing for Round 2 (April 29):

-Clay’s acceptance of the offer (April 29):

-Clay posts a video from Youth Day of 500 teens singing O Canada to inspire Oddwalk (May 1):

-Oddwalk posts their video reply, seeking the answer to “What is a Canuck?” (May 5):

-Oddwalk is off the hook (May 12):


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