15 Things about the Imoo Family

I vowed that I would never do one of these things about me. But I never said I wouldn’t do one of these about my family.

Here are some things you may or may not know about us. Enjoy!

1. Kayla is the first Imoo girl in 75 years (she broke a string of 12 straight Imoo boys). Since then, my brother Jason had son Matthew…so it’s back to the boys!

2. Jake presently claims to have 12 girlfriends, a near 50% drop-off from his peak of 23 girlfriends last year. Don’t ask them to name them though…he’ll get stuck after about number 6.

3. Sean quit pre-school because in his words “It was too easy.” Now, every parent should think that his or her own kid is smart…but this kid is really smart.

4. Gail doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Not gonna touch this one…let’s just say that it’s too dangerous to ride in the Philippines.

5. Clay is mentioned in the liner notes in Matt Maher’s album “Empty and Beautiful.” I pushed for a song credit but that was asking a bit much.

6. Kayla starred in her first video before she was a week old (Ultimate
Canuck Newborn.
) She didn’t really have a choice…I think she slept through half of it.

7. Jake has won the Ultimate Canuck Fan contest twice (along with Sean). People have actually stopped him and Sean on the streets of Vancouver, recognizing them as the Ultimate Canucks Fans!

8. Sean met Canucks broadcasters John Shorthouse and Tom Larscheid after winning the Ultimate Canuck Fan contest. It was pretty cool…we got to into the broadcasting room at GM Place!

9. Gail survived a cancer scare when she was 12 years old. Original tests on one of her moles came out positive for cancer…thankfully the test was proven wrong. Holy Moley!

10. Clay can’t blow gum bubbles nor whistle. Just add them to the rather large list of things he can’t do…right behind cooking or swimming.

11. Kayla got her ears pierced at 4 months old. You’ll rarely see her with earrings now however, as she yanks them off (just like her shoes).

12. Jake broke his arm as a 2 year-old when he fell off our kitchen island . For a pretty darn good-looking guy, he’s bashed his face up pretty good.

13. Sean has had 2 oral surgeries removing a total of 7 teeth. We learned the hard way (for Sean) that letting him fall asleep with a sippy cup of juice probably isn’t the best strategy. His teeth are growing in nicely now!

14. Gail originally wanted to be a dentist. Too bad she didn’t wind up being one…she could have worked on Sean.

15. Clay actually enjoyed dancing when he was in high school (as opposed to now, where he avoids it like the plague). I was part of a singing group called “Gentlemen in Effect”, and I even shaved the letters G.I.E. into the back of my head! That was when I was young, impressonable, and immature. Now, I’m older, still impressionable…and…uh…

Thanks for reading!


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