Game On: Go Canucks Go!

As our beloved Vancouver Canucks kick-off yet another NHL campaign, the city is abuzz with excitement and anticipation of a great season and deep playoff run.

Thus, I thought it would be an appropriate time to look at a few of my favourite Canucks-themed blogs and videos. Enjoy!


All For Nothing (May 14, 2009): A recap of my friendly playoff wager with Orin and Shannon of Oddwalk Ministries.

Planning the Parade Route (October 10, 2008): A blog I wrote after the Canucks pasted the Flames 6-0 in last year’s season opener.

Being a Canucks Fan in Calgary (January 8, 2008): Chronicling my travels in Calgary as a proudly donned my Canucks jersey.


Sundin Scores Power-Play Goal vs. the Stars (March 18, 2009): Footage of the recently-retired Mats Sundin scoring from the slot.

Vancouver Canucks Sign Highly Coveted Free Agent (November 22, 2008): Sean emerges from the Canucks’ coaches’ office with some great news.

Kayla Marie: The Ultimate Canucks Newborn (December 29, 2007): Starring a 4 day-old Kayla Marie!

The Ultimate Canucks Haiku (March 11, 2007): The much-viewed video (over 27,000 hits on Youtube) that helped us with the Ultimate Canucks Family.

The Imoo Hockumentary (Feb 10, 2006): Our first foray into hockey videos and the video that started it all.


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