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What’s on your PVR?

November 9, 2009

As most PVR-owners know, there’s a limited amount of space on the machines (as great as they are). So depending on how much you record, you may have to constantly monitor the available space and delete shows as necessary.

As I eagerly anticipate the next new episode of Glee (my new favourite show, as well documented through my tweets on Twitter ), I’ve been watching older episodes that I’ve saved, often being forced to erase other shows just so I can keep the Glee episode with “Bust a Move” in it.

Canucks games? Gone. BC Lions games? Gonzo. Gail’s Grey’s Anatomy? Actually…I don’t touch these…because if I erase them before Gail watches them…somebody gonna get hurt a-real bad!!! And I think you know who!

You can tell a lot about a person by what they stand for. By who they associate with. By what they do with their money. And even by what they eat…

But can you surmise anything about a person or family by examining what’s on their PVR? I’ll let you be the judge as I list our pre-programmed “Series Recordings”:

-Sesame Street
-Hi 5

-Dog Eat Dog
-Adrenaline Project

-Suite Life on Deck (this show is on about 27 times a day)…also, I know Sean’s list looks rather short, but he watches virtually everything that I do…for better or for worse haha

-Amazing Race
-Grey’s Anatomy
-Hell’s Kitchen
-Survivor (with Clay)

-Survivor (with Gail)
-The Ultimate Fighter
-Celebrity Apprentice (when it’s on)
-24 (when it’s on)
-WWE Monday Night Raw…yes…sad but true

So there you have it…our complete list of shows. No wonder we have to keep erasing episodes!!!