The Centre of Attention (and loving every minute)

Firstly, this blog is not about me…despite the title. Just needed to clear that up right away…haha.

Rather, this blog is about Kayla Marie. As many of you know, when Kayla was born on December 21, 2007, she was the first Imoo girl in 75 years, breaking a streak of 12 straight boys starting with my late Father’s 2 older brothers. We try not to spoil her (well at least I try not to…my lovely wife Gail may be a different story), but she is often the centre of attention nonetheless. Given her recent advancements in speech and comprehension, she is at a really neat stage in her development right now, and we’re having so much fun with her.

Today we spent the entire day together, as I took the day off work to take Jake to see an allergy specialist before seeing the school Christmas play in the afternoon. I had to wake Kayla from an apparent deep sleep at 9:30am (she usually gets up at 7:30am or so) to get her ready to leave. As per usual on Daddy days, her hair was an absolute disaster, as I haven’t mastered pigtails, ponytails, or basic tying techniques (there’s a reason why I shave my head).

We went to the allergy specialist and spent close to 2 hours there, most of it in the waiting room. It was a much-needed visit for Jake, as his legs resemble the surface of Mars. After a quick lunch at the golden arches, we made our way to St. Paul School for the Christmas concert.

After Jake bolted out of the car to join his classmates, I took Kayla to Gail’s class for a quick visit before going to the gym. As soon as I walked in the classroom, I was swarmed by Gail’s grade 2 students. As I smiled smugly reflecting on my popularity, I realized that the 30 kids were actually swarming Kayla (who just happened to be carried by me). At least Gail said hi to me…I think…haha.

As Gail salvaged Kayla’s hair-do, the kids peppered Kayla with hi-fives, handshakes, and hugs. I happily played the role of observer and marveled at the scene: Kayla was soaking up the attention while laughing, babbling, and clapping with the kids.

Kayla being the centre of attention in Gail’s grade 2 class.
After a few moments I excused myself to wait outside the classroom for what I thought would be a couple of minutes. Two minutes turned into 5 and then to 10. I went back into the classroom to see what was taking so long and I cracked up at the sight: there Kayla was sitting on Gail’s lap with all of the kids on the carpet below her watching her every move. I guess it was show and tell, with Gail showing Kayla and telling about her.

I snuck a quick picture and then snuck myself back out of the classroom and to the gym. When Gail finally brought Kayla to me a few minutes later, she told me that Kayla was playing with an ink stamp at Gail’s desk and all of the kids wanted to watch her in action. So Gail brought her up to the front of the class so the kids could get a better view.

Seems like Kayla sure knows how to leave an imprint wherever she goes!


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