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Following in her Brother’s Footsteps: Kayla’s Fractured Elbow

November 25, 2010

Well, it was bound to happen. 

In February 2008, I wrote a blog called “You Should See the Other Guy” describing just how accident-prone Jacob is.  I compared Jake’s penchant for getting injured to that of the Canucks’ blueliners, which sadly is still an appropriate analogy.  In the blog, I detailed a few of Jake’s unfortunate accidents including falling on his face, bonking his head on a church pew, and fracturing his right arm from a fall in our kitchen just before he turned 3 years old. 

In ending the blog, I remarked how relatively accident-free Sean has been before concluding with this beauty:  “And what about our newborn Kayla Marie? I think she’s safe for now. I don’t think you can really get hurt when all you do is eat, sleep, dirty your diaper, and be carried around.”

So guess what happened this past Saturday?

In a classic example of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, Kayla suffered a fall in our kitchen fracturing her right elbow in the process.  It started off innocently enough:  Kayla was enjoying her lunch while sitting on one of our kitchen stools.  We had just come in from playing in the snow, and were looking forward to a relatively quiet day playing together while Gail worked on her report cards.

Our pleasant meal was interrupted by a loud bang and then some moderately-loud crying.  Sure enough, Kayla had somehow managed to slip off the stool and was now lying on her back.  We carefully picked her up and ascertained from the way she was crying that she thankfully didn’t hit her head.  Also, the fact that she was rubbing her right elbow saying “My arm hurts” helped us turn our attention there.  So we sat with her for the next hour or so, monitoring her arm and her cries.

Although the crying subsided, Kayla wasn’t moving her arm.  So we decided to take Kayla to the hospital.  Gail stayed with her in the emergency area while I came home to do homework with the boys.  Finally after 3 hours, Gail called for us to pick them up; Kayla had fractured her elbow and was wearing a splint.

With Gail having lost the afternoon, I decided to forego going to the Canucks game that night so she could get some work done.  Probably turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I likely would have suffered my own injury if I had gone to the game, either to my lungs (from screaming), my eyes (from watching such a debacle) or to my heart (for another lopsided loss to the Blackhawks).

We made it through Sunday and then I took Kayla back to the cast clinic at the hospital first thing Monday morning.  At first she was very hesitant to go, saying “I don’t want to go back to the doctor…he did this to me” as she pointed at her wrapped arm.  I tried to reason with her that the doctor was going to help her get better and not hurt her further.  Then I remembered she’s two years old.

Thankfully, she was tended to relatively quickly, and the doctor diligently removed the wrap and splint before fitting her arm with a bright pink fibreglass cast.  Kayla was remarkably good during the entire process, largely in part to the yummy orange popsicle given to her by the nurse.  Now that’s good parenting: a popsicle at 8:30am!  Even I have some standards…I won’t drink pop before 10am!  But I digress.

Kayla was happy as a bird as we strolled out of the hospital and towards the parking lot.  Meanwhile, I immediately started calling her “Cowboy” Bob Orton.  She didn’t get it.

The cast hasn’t really hampered her or slowed her down, although she has to do the majority of things with her left hand now.  We’re hoping to get the cast removed in mid-December, just before her 3rd birthday.

Although there are a couple of subtle differences between Kayla’s injury and Jake’s 5 years ago (Kayla’s elbow vs. Jake’s arm, and falling from a stool vs. falling from the island), the similarities are quite striking:  where in the house the injury took place (within 3 feet of each other), the body part that got injured (right arm) and the timing of the incidents (right before their respective 3rd birthdays).

I just pray that going forward Kayla will escape the scraped chin, scratched face, busted nose cartilage, and stitches to the forehead. 

And that Sami Salo returns soon…without hurting himself again.