Committed to The Sing-Off: Observations of the Season Finale

The Sing-Off just wrapped up its second season, with Alabama gospel-group “Committed” edging out Nashville’s “Street Corner Symphony” to take the title.  Many of my friends know that The Sing-Off is my favourite TV show (edging out Glee and Canucks games), despite its “season” being only 5 episodes long.  These same people also know that Committed was my favourite from the very start as they remind me of my 2 favourite groups:  Take 6 and Naturally 7.  The fact that they are portrayed as devout Christians likely helps as well.  :p

Here are some relatively random thoughts from tonight’s season finale:

-It’s clear to me that being a male sextet gives you the best chance to win this competition.  Both finalists this year, and last year’s winner “Nota” are male sextets.  If you’re a college group…you’ll make it to the final three (Backbeats this year, Voices of Lee last year) and if you crack the top 2 as an all-male college group, you can sing on Glee (Beelzebubs last year).

-That Boyz II Men and Committed performance literally gave me chills:  they blended so well together and sounded like they’ve been singing together for years.  I was loving every second as Motownphilly has always been one of my favourite “old-school” songs.  I just wish the song was longer.

-Is it a rule that Nick Lachey must sing a Christmas song with the contestants…complete with fake snow falling from the rafters?  Last year it was “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” and this year it was “That’s What Christmas Means to Me.”  Fun enough, a tad cheesy, but it’s what we’ve come to expect!

-Speaking of Christmas…the “What Christmas Means to Me” montage was a nice thought, but I wish there were a couple of more references to Jesus and the spiritual meaning of the holy-day.  Only judge Nicole Scherzinger answered with “Baby Jesus’ birthday woohoo!” but even that response came across a bit contrived.  And of course, the big graphic that splashed across our screen read the safe “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”  Just sayin.

-I can’t complain too much though, as God’s presence and influence was evident in both the video montage for Committed, as well as in Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town’s swan song, as Jerry proclaimed “God Bless” as he was exiting the studio.  And in a nice way to end the show, Terry of Committed gave praise to God in his acceptance speech, saying they owed the win all to Him.

-Nick Lachey’s constant litany of puns.  ‘Nuff said.

-I found the positioning on stage (when they were about to cut down from 4 groups to 2) quite interesting, as Street Corner Symphony and Committed (the 2 finalists) were on the left and right-most sides of the stage respectively.  Perhaps it was a fluke or coincidence.  But I firmly believe they were placed there signalling they were the final 2 groups, while the others remained closer to the centre of the stage to prep for their final interview and swan songs (to minimize the movement on stage).

-Also, did anyone else notice the stage-hand running onto the stage immediately after Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town finished their swan song?  The camera cut to a shot of the entire stage, and you saw this poor guy running off the stage as fast as he possibly could…likely receiving an earful in his earpiece!

-As well, did you notice that Nick Lachey was dressed EXACTLY like Street Corner Symphony during the closing segment:  black suit with purple shirt.  No conspiracy theory here…I just found it quite amusing.

-Lastly, I would love to see either Take 6 or Naturally 7 as special guests on a future episode.  While neither of them have the “star power” of tonight’s special guests, I think they would easily win over both the studio audience and audience at home with their talent, blend, and style.  And if they ever combined into one mega-group:  Naturally Take 13…I would be in a cappella heaven. 

Thank you NBC for a great, albeit short, season.  I can’t wait until next year…although it saddens me that I have to wait a full 12 months for Nick Lachey’s next Christmas number.  I guess that’s what a PVR is for!


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