Happy Birthday Kayla: 3 Blogs and 3 Videos of Our Little Princess

To celebrate Kayla’s 3rd birthday today (December 21), enjoy 3 of my favourite blogs and videos featuring our little princess:

November 25, 2010:  Following in her Brother’s Footsteps: Kayla’s Fractured ElbowKayla does her best Jacob impression and busts up her arm.

September 18, 2010:  Miss Independent.  Chronicling Kayla’s first 2 weeks at pre-school.

December 30, 2007:  The Best Christmas Blessing Ever.  Detailing Kayla’s brith and Gail’s tough labour.

June 25, 2010:  Kayla Singing Jesus Loves Me.  A great example of child-like faith.

April 3, 2010:  Kayla Knows Her Kitchen.  As a 2 year-old, Kayla knows her way around the kitchen better than I do.

December 29, 2007:  Kayla Marie…The Ultimate Canucks Newborn.  This video helped us win Ultimate Canucks Family for the 2nd consecutive year.


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