Imoo Family Christmas Letter for 2010

Hello and Merry Christmas! This is our 9th annual Christmas letter, and this year we’re changing things up a bit. We’re not mailing out any hard copies, rather we’re emailing everyone along with a pictorial “Year at a Glance” that Gail prepared. As well, similar to last year, each family member has prepared his or her own paragraph. Thus, what you will read is unedited and un-censored!

2010 was another busy year for our family, full of firsts: Kayla started pre-school, Jake made his First Confession, and Sean became an “intermediate” student. We were able to make the most of the 2010 Winter Olympics as we were blessed to attend a few events and ceremonies. As well, we returned to California for the 3rd time in 4 years, this time driving (as we did in 2007). It was there that Gail and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary… by going to watch Toy Story 3 with the kids!

It wasn’t all rosy however. Jacob received 5 stitches in his forehead after an intense game of “Hide and Go Tag” at school, and Kayla fractured her elbow after falling off a kitchen stool. Thankfully, Sean, Gail and I remained relatively unscathed.

Kayla: I liked Mickey Mouse because he’s my friend. I also liked It’s a Small Word because it’s my favourite and it makes me so happy. I love my brothers because they are my friends. I also love Mommy and Daddy and I love Kayla. I like my pre-school because I get to see my cousin Joshua and all my friends.

Jacob: My favourite time of the year was Valentine’s Day because I got to make cards for my friends. I loved our family trip to California because we got to sleep in hotels and go to Disneyland. I liked seeing Mickey Mouse and my favourite ride was Space Mountain. I also made my First Confession: I went face-to-face with Father Luterbach and I felt like angels were running around my body! Next year I’ll be receiving my First Communion and I can’t wait. This year my mom is my teacher and it’s weird: sometimes in the classroom I call her Mrs. Imoo and other times I call her Mom.

Sean: I have a bunch of highlights from 2010. I started grade 4 and now I’m upstairs in the school. I’m doing well in school and I’m one of the leaders in my class. I played organized floor hockey for the first time and my team The Raiders only lost one game in the regular season. We made it to the Provincials representing Richmond and South Delta and finished fourth in the entire province! I played forward: it was really fun to play and I made a lot of new friends. I admit that I’m obsessed with Disneyland and I can’t wait to go back. I even looked up rides on YouTube and read blogs to prepare for the trip. I can’t even pick a favourite thing about Disneyland as I loved everything!

Gail: I went to LA twice this year…once in March for the Religious Educators’ Congress and again in July with the family. I also went to New York in June with Kayla to visit family. I did Zumba for the first time: it was quite funny because I did it with my mom and sister. We couldn’t stand next to each other or else we’d start laughing uncontrollably. I’m teaching grade 2 at St. Paul School once again, and this year Jacob is in my class. He tries to get away with stuff and with being the class clown. Then at home I have 3 other clowns to take care of, the biggest being Clay.

Clay: Thanks for that wonderful segue. I love you too. It was an extremely busy year for me at work, as our office (formerly the Youth Ministry Office) expanded to become the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in June. Prior to that, we moved our office from the 2nd floor to the ground floor of the building, just in time for the Winter Olympics: we helped staff our Olympic Hospitality Centre at the building. I traveled to PEI and New Orleans for work, and I spoke at a youth ministry conferences in Toronto and Halifax. I’ve been blogging and video-blogging regularly, including doing regular Olympics and Canucks blogs on my website

Thanks for taking the time to read this Christmas letter. We’re looking forward to another great year in 2011. We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year! We hope that the New Year brings you joy, happiness and good health! Our family will be praying for you!

God Bless and Be God’s,
Clay, Gail, Sean, Jacob and Kayla


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